Time for an entitlement detox

Living sober teaches you many things. Perhaps that’s because you don’t make things any worse anymore; even when life deals you a crummy hand. You press pause, sit with your thoughts, process, and you’re able to go forward rather than self-loathing over a series of bleak yesterdays.

Importantly, it teaches you to strip yourself of any sense of entitlement and start being damn grateful.

A brilliant quote resonated with me this morning:

“Sobriety is never owned it’s rented… And rent is due every day.”

Yes, it says a lot about remembering to be grateful for sobriety, every day. It’s a reminder to smile as you hop out of bed to begin a new day without having to shake off grim memories of the night before.

On a bigger scale, it’s a really stark reminder about life. We’re not entitled to anything.

Entitlement is a dangerous mindset and the longer I settle into sobriety, the more I detest it. The pity party is tiresome.

Life is rented and gratitude is due. Yes, every day.

Money, success, happiness; you’re not entitled to any of it. We don’t have a quota of happiness or a pre-arranged financial allowance owing. There is no prescribed grant of good luck and there is no daily benefit scheme. If you hate your job, you’re not entitled to a better one – get up, get out there and find one you love.

Wake up and count your blessings. Your only priviledge is to be alive.

I’m not sure when this warped sense of self-importance crept up on society and got comfy under its skin. It’s certainly time for an entitlement detox.

I don’t think most people are aware they need to pinch themselves really damn hard, shake off their ego, and come back down to reality.

Life doesn’t owe you anything.

Make good choices, take charge of your life and snap up opportunities because you are solely responsible for yourself.

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