Can non-alcoholic wine help you quit drinking?

When I started trying to give up drinking I tried everything from cancelling all plans and hiding away, to hypnotherapy. I didn’t really ‘get it’ until I’d hit my rock bottom and knew I had to stop trying to control my drinking, give in, and quit entirely.

However, non-alcholic wine certainly helped me slow down for spells. For those who want to put the brakes on for a while, or are currently battling their way through ‘Dry July’, raising sponsorship money for good causes, non-alcoholic wine can be a good way to get through those last few agonising days.

If you’re simply trying to tuck some booze-free days under your belt, you don’t have to change your relationship with alcohol. You can still come home from work, open the fridge, take out a frosty bottle of non-alcoholic wine and pour yourself a drink in a wine glass.

You may find that psychological wind down and de-stressing effect of drawing a line under your day will suffice to get you through to August.

For me, long term, non-alcoholic wine doesn’t even come into my thought process because I’ve worked so damn hard at re-wiring my relationship with booze. I’ve waved goodbye to my cravings and if you stick with it, it’s amazing how much your tastebuds change. Sometimes mine momentarily freak out now when I taste certain brands of lemonade; I’m so convinced I can taste spirits.

I wouldn’t pour myself a drink in a wineglass (of anything) because I wouldn’t want to go back to that place. Wineglasses are for guests now! Equally, I wouldn’t drink grape juice and I don’t eat food with alcohol in it (including rum balls, damn it).

While binge drinking continues to escalate in Australia, there’s also a growing number of people at the other end of the spectrum who are trying to reduce the amount of alcohol they consume.

If your relationship with alcohol hasn’t turned toxic, and you’re not intending to quit forever, non-alco pops could be worth a crack.

If you’re looking for tips, always feel free to drop me a message here!